Three Year Old Girl Gift Ideas and Parenting Tips

It is all of the time an huge bliss to have someone added to your family, peculiarly whenever it is a cute tiny baby. And how else would you honor the bliss of having one? Plan the most entertaining & incomparable child shower you’ll ever so have. Preparing for a child shower ought be entertaining & exciting. You may be as originative as you want. Go bare or go genuine extravagant.  If you are looking for three year old girl baby gifts, then check this article.

  1. Make sure that you feed your child right. Deciding on whether you ought breastfeed or bottle-feed your child greatly depends on your individual decisiveness & what your Dr. recommends. However, it has been shown that breastfeeding is still the best path to nourish newborn babies. Lots of benefits might be obtained through breastfeeding.
  2. Bathing your baby: Until your babys umbilical cord falls off one to 2 weeks after their birth, only supply her sponge baths. A cotton cloth cloth ball or cotton cloth cloth swab dampened with alcoholic beverage might aid to dry the umbilical stump or abide by your pediatricians directions. After the stump falls off, you might supply him a bathe in a sink or superficial tub.
  3. Diapers, diapers & more diapers: That is rather a bland bonus but a really practically wanted gift. I don’t any mother who will grumble about having too numerous diapers with a newborn at home. To make diapers snazzy you have to frock it up a bit. You might find diaper cakes in lots of bonus sites. Some come with as numerous as 150 diapers, plus booties, bibs & lots of else essentials for baby, but all in the anatomy of an all so cute cake.
  4. Savings Bonds: A savings bond is a fine path to aid invest in the child’s future. While everybody is believing of today you are believing ahead. It might as well aid jumpstart parents to jumpstart on baby’s future whenever they haven’t already.
  5. Assign tasks: Delegating duties will let you proceed & handle mishaps preferably than handle everything as well as mishaps. Of course, enlisting mates & fellowship requires their understanding so call for them well in betterment of the child shower.

Baby Gift Ideas UKTip: I don’t advocate purchasing enclothing unless the parents-to-be advisable so. Chances are they have already gone shopping & couldn’t resist those little adorable outfits.

Parenting a Three Year Old Girl

Life is moving so incredibly fast right now, we barely keep the balls in the air on a normal week. The pace is almost not sustainable and I keep telling myself (and Andy) that if we can just make it to Thanksgiving, maybe the end of the year, things have to slow down. I do really believe what I am saying, but it probably won’t slow down to the nice slow pace I have in my mind. Those days of reading Twilight after work, like I did when I was pregnant with Belén and could not muster up energy for anything else, are long gone.

We have had a lot of big topics to talk about with Belén this week and I found myself feeling a bit under prepared. What is the best approach to bringing up big heavy topics she does not yet understand? As with most things in parenting, we just winged it and did the best we could and tried not to scar her for life. Here is an excellent post explaining how you can develop positive environment for your child.

On Monday, Andy and I were chatting back and forth on Office Communicator trying to figure out what we should say to Belén about Sassy dying later that afternoon. While we could have just told her Sassy went away and was not coming back I thought it was important to introduce the word death to her vocabulary and use this as a learning opportunity, albeit a hard one.

Andy had already told her on the way home from school that Sassy was going to the doctor in a few minutes and wouldn’t come back. I kind of freaked out when he told me this as I thought it was a really bad idea to take the risk of her associating the doctor with not coming back and her new word, death.  So when I talked to her l I told her Sassy was going to die which meant she was going away and would not come back. Her response in her adorable little two-year-old voice was, “Sassy go to the doctor?”

Believe it or not, today was the first full day I have been home alone with both of my girls. Usually I am home with Eloise while Belén is still in daycare. While it is so nice have the special alone time with Eloise like I did with Belén when she was a baby, I have to admit I do feel guilty sending Belén to be taken care of by others when I am at home. It’s my Super Mom desire to be able to do it all…have a tranquil day with Eloise while also keeping a two-year old entertained…not possible.

Three Year Old Baby Teething Problem

Teething baby is a significant baby development milestone. During a baby teething phase, you can expect extreme pain as well as tears of frustration from baby and parent. However, this is one of life’s most common growing pains, but you can certainly ease your baby’s discomfort to some extent with the following simple solutions.

Tips to consider

Teething rings

These are often first and best choice solution for easing discomfort. Counter pressure that allied with a baby chewing on these rings aids ease some amount of pain which comes with along with a tooth attempting to break gums’ surface. Though, you can allow your baby chew on normal teething rings, you can even try few other special alternative rings. Nowadays, you can find wide assortment of teething rings. You can choose such rings which have been exclusively designed for freezer or fridge to aid numb as well as massage tender gums of your baby from its cool relief. Furthermore, you can even opt for vibrating teething rings that are triggered when baby chews, and provide counter massaging or counter pressure relief. There are even teething blankets which provide 4 chewable corners that make it highly convenient.


A washcloth can provide practical relief to teething baby pain. Few parents simply tend to offer their baby with a cold washcloth for chewing on and some others would fill it with few crushed ice piece and tie it up, and otherwise soak it especially in a brewed chamomile tea.


These always seem best for soothing a crying baby and this is why most of the parents utilize pacifiers when baby is teething. A lot like washcloths, teething rings, parents are placing even pacifiers in freezer to soothe sore gums. This might be greatly practical solution for a very younger teething baby, who is too small for using teething rings.


Many parents utilize cold food as the chew toys for babies. Whether it might be a frozen fruit or bagel, these are somewhat mesh-like pacifiers which allow you put food inside for a baby to chew safely and such on. Food can be a good cold chewy choice to opt for.

Breast milk cubes

For breastfeeding mothers, it is the best alternative to cold food treat. Moms are taking their breast milk and then freezing it in the ice cube trays. They later simply take the frozen cube and then place it in the mesh feeder bag.

Medicate – This is yet another option to consider. You can try medicating baby’s tender gums. Teething tablets are one among the best possible solution to consider as well. You can find different teething tablets such as those made from natural substances and more. This aids in relieving the discomfort, restlessness, and irritability.

Most of these aforesaid teething baby solutions mainly center on numbing and chewing with coldness. Ensure to choose the suitable solution which aids to relief the teething pain of your baby. Consult your pediatrician, consider their advice and utilize the right solutions.

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