Finger Exerciser For Strengthening Your Hand Muscles

Have you ever woke up and felt tired and stressed even before your working day started? Then you need exercise to get fit and strengthen your body and mind! Did you know that by exercising at a easy pace for only 15 minutes per day, you would start to feel a lot better and mentally stronger and sharper. You will also improve your appetite, sleep better at night and wake up revitalized in the mornings. Imagine if you can start regular exercise for fitness by exercising only 30 minutes a day!

The benefits will increase even more! You will be able to enforce good self discipline, which promote a more positive mindset and better outlook on life in general. You can just guess what the results will be, if you increase the time you spend exercising once your body gets used to it. Do not ever start exercising without warming up by doing light warming up stretch exercises. If you hurt yourself you got to take a break from exercises in order to rest the stretched muscle affected. If you are a guitar player or in a profession where fingers are regularly used, then You may need finger exercise to strengthen your fingers and hand grips. There are some best finger exercisers of 2018 available on the market to make these task easier.

Why Finger Exercise is Necessary

using finger exerciserMany of us need to follow an exercise regime, in order to remain healthy. Below, you’ll find several good reasons why you should start exercising right now.

  • Exercise contributes to fat loss and It is well proven from scientific research all over the world that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you consume through nutrition, you’ll lose weight. When you exercise, you burn more calories than when you don’t. It’s really simple, the more you exercise, the more weight or fat you’ll lose.
  • Prevention of disease. The chances of developing several various diseases has been proven to decrease when exercising. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the stroke.
  • Improving resistance against disease. Many severe and minor diseases can be improved or even healed through regular exercise. These even include the diseases listed above. By following a regular plan, you can also decrease HDL cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels, and decrease your blood pressure as well.
  • Enhances your state of mind. Everyone knows from the many scientific studies that regular exercising will lead to an increased release of endorphins in the body. These chemicals will fight depression and make you feel happy. The body releases these endorphins only 12 minutes into the workout.
  • There is another chemical known as serotonin that is increased during and after a workout. The increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous system is associated with feelings of well being and decreased mental depression. The chemical can also help you sleep better at night.
  • Enhance your wellness. When you are in great shape and well fit, you’ll have more energy and you’ll notice that your overall mood is improved. You will have experienced that you can stretch beyond your own limits and you know that you can do more than you thought possible.
  • Persistence in exercising regularly will give you more energy, which can help you be more productive at home and at work. Exercising can help give your new goals a sense of purpose and give you something to focus on and aim for. This can help you increase your persistence and prevent you from going off track while you aim for your goal.
  • Social capabilities. After a workout on a regular basis you can boost your self esteem. This can help you look better and you’ll be more comfortable as well. Exercise will also help you to become more active and meet new people, which will prevent you from feeling isolated and unsupported. Exercise will also increase your interests in sex, and can help you to improve your marriage or your partner relationship.

Benefits of finger exerciser or hand gripper

finger exerciser UKThere are numerous of benefits in doing regular and consistent hand-gripping exercises. Your fingers are controlled by muscles located in your forearms. If you have ever wanted forearms that look impressive and bigger than most other men, you should work out with hand grips. But the benefits of performing hand grip strength exercises extends beyond just what you can do with your muscles…You see, your muscles act to protect your bones and joints. The obvious one is increased hand strength.

  • The closing of your hand is controlled by your forearm flexors, while the opening of your hand is controlled by the forearm extensors.
  • The principle works in this fashion.
  • If you have thick, strong forearm muscles, the muscles will protect your forearm bones from being damaged.
  • Grippers can be used to strengthen your fingers and wrists where your hand power originally generates from.
  • Building your hand strength also builds and thickens these muscles, giving your forearms a strong, powerful appearance.

Muscles that are situated in your forearms are the ones controlling your fingers. The muscles will also strengthen your wrists, reducing the risk of wrist injuries or strains. Greater hand strength means more time hanging weights in the gym or performing better at climbing ropes where you are using your hands to lift yourself up. Some guys in my boxing gym can do very long and challenging punching bag workout sessions and I am sure that if you have seen their body you would be impressed as I do. Your forearm flexors control the closing of your hand, while your forearm extensors control the opening.

In the end, good grip strength pays off! Grip strength, which is also known as crushing strength is important for things like opening jars or shaking hands but it is also important for gripping anything like dumbbells or rocks if you’re a rock climber. However they just can’t do battle rope training sessions for five minutes. These muscles will be the primary beneficiaries of using hand grips. Without strong forearm muscles, you won’t have a strong grip.

People who play sports often benefit from improved grip strength as well. So what does it tell you? Real hand grippers will develop real hand strength! This affects your ability to effectively play sports and lift weights — you’re limited by what your hands can hold, not just by what your other muscles can lift. For example, if you play tennis, it will help your swing or if you play football it will help you catch and hold onto the ball more effectively.

They just might not have any hand endurance whatsoever (Same thing also happened to my sparring buddy as well). And after they experience that they generally start doing exercises for improving hand endurance. Shaking somebody’s hand is an example of crushing grip strength, If you play sports having a better grip than your opponent will give you that slight advantage that’s for sure. Because they immediately realize what is the problem. Training with foam grippers bought at the sports store will get you no results whatsoever, to gain functional hand strength you will have to train with the heavy duty aluminum grippers.

Choosing the best finger exerciser in UK

hand gripperWe will begin by looking at the hand gripper level that most trainees are most familiar with: the “sporting goods store hand gripper.” As pictured on the right, these kinds of hand grippers usually have plastic or wooden handles and are ridiculously easy to close. First, consider your goals to decide what type of gripper you’ll need. It comes at an affordable price. We also recommend that you regularly train your flexors, the muscles that open your hand, with Expand-Your-Hand-Bands to offset all the squeezing you are doing on the grippers. While they do have their place, (warming up, for example) they are just about useless when it comes to building a powerful grip.

Are you looking to build overall strength and add a little forearm bulk? Most of the customers talk about that it is a useful tool for fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms training. The Expand-Your-Hand Bands promote good hand health and muscle balance, and help prevent or eliminate pain from tennis or golfer’s elbow. The average poundage on these is around 30-45 lbs- not enough to get a real workout in with. You’ll definitely want a hand gripper with a traditional design like the Captains of Crush.

If you are used to hand strength training, you may find it a bit easy to use, but for a beginner it is definitely useful. This is one of the best hand grip strengtheners for those who primarily want to improve finger strength. If you’re looking to build strength in individual fingers, like for rock climbing or playing guitar/piano, you should look for a model that uses finger action like the finger master. Comes with five finger pistons which allow us to strengthen fingers separately. You can adjust each of the finger grips independently by turning a dial.

There are many reasons why you would want to have a strong grip. With a simple tool, we can lock fingers if we want. The strength levels range from 3.5 to 6 pounds. You can have a big bench press, or lean six pack abs. Most people that are serious about training up their grip are going to want to start off with something between 50 pounds and 80 pounds, and those that have been training with weights for a while can probably get started with a 140 pound hand gripper.

Strengthen one finger at a time or all of them at once. But if you got the grip of a teenage girl you can’t hide it, and sooner or later you’re going to get out done by somebody’s brother, somebody’s cousin, or somebody’s pop – it could be rather embarrassing. This is as close to a bare-bones piece of workout equipment has you’re going to find today. This device also includes access to an ebook with ten different finger exercises to help you craft your training regimen. The whole set up consists of a single tool, one “spring” made out of high quality aluminum that has been bent into a very specific shape with rubberized (or aluminum) handles attached to each end.

How to Perform Finger Exercise Correctly

Many of the top bodybuilders built their bodies using basic power lifting movements. They will build a good foundation and also build the most important muscles in your body in my opinion, i.e the back muscles, the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. They are the muscles that generally develop slower than the “club muscles”, (as my training partner calls them) the chest, biceps and quads. You usually want those muscles to be visible when you go to the night club. The “club muscles” usually develop a lot quicker and sometimes without a lot of direct work. Also power lifting movements usually give you the thick, dense look, not the fitness model look. If that’s what you looking for then this workout isn’t for you.

Squats, dead-lifts and rows force the whole body to grow and get strong so isolation exercises like bicep curls are basically a waste of time for beginner and sometimes even intermediate trainees. Your time in the gym is limited so why not spend it on exercises that make you strong like the squat and dead-lift instead of calve raises or bicep curls.

Rules for Strength and Muscle workout

  1. The main lifts should not be rushed and a 3 to 5 minute rest between sets is recommended. The 1st 2 exercises should be done in the order. You can play around with the next 2.
  2. Start the main lifts, i.e the squat, bench press and deadlift with a weight that you can easily do 15 reps.
  3. Increase the weight on the 3 main lifts by 10 lbs for the squats and deadlifts, and 5 lbs for the bench press for the 1st 3 weeks, then on the 4th week deload (use a lighter weight). Training heavy for more than 3 consecutive weeks has a negative impact on your central nervous system. The 4th light week will also give your body and mind much needed break. The following week your central nervous system will be fresh and you can proceed to break new PR’s (personal records) on all the main lifts.
  4. The 3rd and 4th exercises on the program should be done in a semi tired state and the weight on those exercises should be increased weekly. They help the increase the main lifts.
  5. Keep a training journal. Most people don’t but in my experience it keeps you focused and you’ll more than likely succeed with your goals if you do it religiously.
  6. After 11 weeks of the program take a full week break from all training then start the process all over again.
  7. At week 4 you can switch up on a few of the lifts, i.e do close grip bench press in place of dips, similarly you can swop the stiff legged dead-lifts on a platform for the conventional stiff legged dead-lifts , also in place of overhead presses, do push presses (using your legs to drive the barbell overhead),

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